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Colorful recipe cards next to dishes


​Recognition: The project won first-place awards at AIGA’s Locally Sourced and AIGA’s Flux competition, and an Honorable Mention from Graphis New Talents
Branding, Recipe Book, and Packaging Design | 2021

Mâm is a fictional meal kit delivery service that transforms ordinary gatherings into authentic Vietnamese dinner parties, celebrating cultural and intentional belonging.

Tailored for US communities seeking a taste of Vietnamese cuisine, Mâm simplifies the challenge of sourcing authentic ingredients and recipes. With perfectly portioned ingredients and a curated menu, Mâm delivers vibrant Vietnamese flavors to your door.  Elevate your gatherings with Mâm and savor the traditions of Vietnamese home cooking.

The project draws directly from my background as a Vietnamese international student, borrowing imagery from Vietnamese culture and from my own experience cooking and sharing Vietnamese food with new communities in the US.


The exhibition’s branding system is inspired by the circular forms and ornate patterns of the traditional dinnerware that are quintessential of a Vietnamese dinner. With a humanistic typography system and inviting color palette, Mâm builds an engaging and comforting experience that encapsulates the beautiful and joyful atmosphere of a Vietnamese family meal. 

Logo on photograph of ingredients
Responsive logo
Responsive logo
Responsive logo
Pattern of traditional Vietnamese patterns
COlor palette

​Recipe Book

Inspired by well-loved family recipe books with handwritten notes and sauce stains, Mâm's recipe book pairs detailed cooking instructions and articles of Vietnamese-American culture with vibrant and charming illustrations that highlight the beauty of Vietnamese traditional dishes as well as the authentic ingredients that they are made from. The lovingly-created recipe book frames the cooking experience as a special activity of love and celebration. 


Packaging boxes stacked
Food packaging
Paper bags next to grocery items
Box with colorful graphics
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