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Banner of exhibition on a museum entrance with bright pink graphic of people kissing


Exhibition Branding, Catalog, Wayfinding, Website and App Design | 2023

Revolt! is a branding project for an exhibition on the rich history of queer graphic design, spotlighting the vernacular art of revolution and pride. Visitors are invited to a dynamic tapestry of typography and image-making, exploring protest posters and self-published zines from the queer liberation movement of the 70s and 80s as well as contemporary queer initiatives. 


"Revolt" logo on a black background
"Revolt" logo on a yellow background
Stationery with letterhead and envelope

The exhibition’s branding system hopes to capture the subversive and electric energy of this period, featuring a vibrant and captivating color palette as well as a simple but bold and adaptive typographic system. The brand highlights artworks sourced from a variety of public queer archives, thoughtfully treated to emphasize the vernacular typography of these historical materials.

"Revolt" logo on a pink graphic
Pink and yellow business cards scattered

Exhibition Catalog

The exhibition catalog provides the inspiring history of the queer liberation movement of the 70s and 80s as well as the ongoing fight for trans and queer rights taking place today. The catalog showcases some of the works that are exhibited at the museum, as well as the vernacular materials and processes that were used used to make these artworks. The layout and treatment of the catalog was inspired by the hand-done and dynamic compositions of DIY zines. 

Multiple catalogs on a white background
Catalog cover with exhibition information
Catalog page with exhibition information
Catalog page with exhibition information

Website and App

The website and app for the exhibition uses contemporary brutalist design to spotlight exhibited works and the history of the movement. The exhibition app also allows users to create and share their own protest poster with a user-friendly poster design feature. This allows for visitor-engagement beyond the exhibition as well as encourages visitors to take part in advocating for queer rights and other social initiatives that they care about. 

Website screens
Catalog page with exhibition information


Staircase with black text on the wall
Black wall with gallery wayfinding lables
Wayfinding poster on a wall

​Promotional Video

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