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Logo on a photograph of dirt and gardening tools


Credits: Unsplash, Pexels, Adobe Stock, Displaay Type Foundry
Branding, Website, and Packaging Design

This project stems from my own experience with grief after losing my grandpa while being far away from home during COVID. Seeing my grandma still nurturing the garden that they grew even when grandpa has passed away, I realize the memories, legacy, and life that grows in the soil of our garden. This project is my way of exploring the restorative and preserving nature of gardening and its power in processing grief through nurturing love. 

Rooted is a compassionate grief gardening service that understands the grounding nature of gardening and the healing power of plants and flowers during times of grief. The service provides carefully curated seed-starting kits are designed to create a nurturing space for reflection, remembrance, and healing. The kit comes with all the necessary tools and ongoing support to help users start a flourishing grief garden rooted in love and memories.


Inspired by the organic beauty of nature, Rooted’s branding is quiet, poetic, and sophisticated. Every detail, from the elegant typography to the organic plant silhouettes, embody the brand’s core value of fostering contemplative and healing experiences for individuals navigating grief. Rooted’s branding invites users into a space of quiet reflection and acceptance, mirroring the tranquility found in nature.

Logos of service
Color palette
Cards with service information


The website allows users to learn more about the service, explore the benefits of grief gardening, as well as browse the selection of seeds and the spiritual meanings of each plants. The website also features a questionnaire that aims to understand the user's unique grief process to tailor their seed kit with plants that resonate most with their grief journey and gardening experience. The user also has the option to customize their kit with their loved ones name and photos on the website.

Website screens


The packaging and instructional booklet frame the gardening experience as a tranquil, mediative, and accepting experience. They provide instructions for starting and growing seeds, information on different types of plants, as well as directions to inspire a reflective and intentional gardening process. The kit is also personalized with images submitted by the user that reminds them of their past loved ones, connecting the gardening experience with the process of planting and keeping their legacy alive.  

Packaging with seed packets and soil pots
Purple and green seed packets
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