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Branding, Website, and Presentation Deck Design | 2023

I was the Image Manager of the project, in charge of conceptualizing and creating some of the main photographies and graphic compositions used across the website, promotional materials and presentation deck. I also took part in the naming of the non-profit, as well as in creating the main typographic, color system, and copywriting for the brand. 

This project is a branding and identity system for the nonprofit Science&, founded by Dr. Francesca Tuazon to empower the future generation of cutting-edge scientists through transferable skills from the arts. The brand is centered around the core values of belonging, wonder and joyful discovery. It was created in a collaboration between the founder/CEO and MFA students MeiLi Carling, Mike Ray, Nghi To and Ha Tran. We see scientists as artisans, and know the value of having diverse teams with varied perspectives. 


Through thoughtful image making, humanistic typography, and a color palette inspired by some of the founder’s favorite artwork, the team hopes to inspire the future generation of scientists and emphasize the duality that exists in their practice. The name/ampersand stands as a symbol for the inclusive nature of the brand’s approach and the intersection of art & science. It speaks to the many things the nonprofit plans to pair with science, and the expansive community it is looking to build

Logo on colorful background
Person looking into a microscope with colorful graphics
Hands holding a pipette with colorful graphics
Pattern with colorful ampersands
Pattern with colorful ampersands


Since its completion, the collaboration has helped SCience& raised over $10,000 through two giving campaigns, reached over 60 beneficiaries at Philadelphia-area biomedical research institutions, and tangibly increased the confidence and professional skillset of diverse audiences.

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